SnuglyFit™ Easy Rinse Reusable Swim Diaper

SnuglyFit™ Swim Diapers are made from 100% nylon which gives that lightweight and durable easy care, wrinkle resistance, stretch resistance and shrink resistance.  And 100% polyester which is faster drying, easier to dye and abrasion-resistant. 

Tested and proven for its effectiveness for preventing little accidents from spoiling your little one’s water adventure. Parents won’t need to worry as the diaper secures any seepage and leakages. SnuglyFit™ reusable swim diapers has 3 layers of fabric which secures and its much softer than that of the disposable kind. If your baby easily rashes then SnuglyFit™ reusable swim diaper is always the better option.

If you are eco-conscious then you will love the fact that the SnuglyFit™ swim diaper is an easy wash stain-free swim diaper and with its water proof outer layer and it’s snug-fitting size , it provides a secure protection for your baby for their next water adventure. 

 Your baby grows so fast that what fit last summer will long be outgrown by the next. So remember you will have to buy a new pair every swim season.

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A simple design which symbolises being fast as lightning, strong and being powerful.

A graceful design which symbolizes consciousness and innocence.

A cute design which symbolises that is to be creative or resourceful.

A cute colourful design which symbolises the desire to know and to seek knowledge.

A cute feminine design which symbolises of being great and beauty.

A cute design which symbolises that to achive goals and to satisfy needs of others.

A simple tranquil design which symbolises  endurance and stability.

A cute colourful design which symbolises contact and communication in a harmonious contentment.

Curious about your child's size?

Here is our chart for your comfort to measure your child’s desirable size


My child is toilet trained. Why does he have to wear swim diaper?

Children will need to hold their breath and utilises multiple muscles when they swim. They may not be able to control or communicate the need to go washroom in time. Therefore, to minimise inconvenience to everyone, the wearing of swim diapers is mandatory for children below 5 years old.

Why should I choose Snugly Fit as my swim Diaper?

Snugly Fit Diapers is our highly recommended swim diapers by coaches for your children.

What age range is Snugly Fit offer?

Snugly Fit Diapers offers the range of 4months to 5 years, and as well as a variety of colours and designs.

How to wash and maintain the swim diaper?

Snugly fit swim diapers are hand washed and doesn’t require to be ironed. And do not dry under the sun.

Are the materials used safe for the baby's skin ?

Tha materials used are generally safe and hypoallergic.

How long can my baby use the Snugly fit swim diaper?

The child can reuse the swim diaper as long they can fit or until they have outgrown it.

My Child has sensitive skin,is Snugly Fit suitable for my child?

Snugly Fit Diapers have been proven to be sensitive skin-friendly.

Should the swim diaper be tight on my child?

Swim diapers are supposed to be snugly fit and firm to withhold the excrement of the child within the swim diaper. If the diaper is loose, the motion during in the pool would cause seepage into the pool.

Why do I need to choose Snugly Fit swim diaper when I already have disposable swim diapers?

Snugly Fit swim diapers are is overall solution to an accident-free water adventure. But as for disposable diapers, a parent would always worry about running out and has to change every time the child makes an accident.

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